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Skateboard Decks: A Buying Guide While a skateboard appears to be nothing really complex, its built and construction is actually quite ingenious, with it made of different parts and components. Now supposed you’re contemplating on buying a new skateboard one of these days, the one part that you’ll be focusing a lot on is the skateboard deck. By definition, the deck is that flat board that serves a very crucial function because it is actually where you stand on when skateboarding. When you’re about to choose the ideal skate deck for your needs, you first need to learn that the two general types are the short board and the cruiser or longboard. But anyhow, choosing the skate deck isn’t solely about picking to have the longboard or the short board. The number of times you replace your skateboard deck depends primarily on how hard and often you do skateboarding. But the most obvious indication that you need a new deck is when you see signs of splitting in the tail, sides, or the nose. Determine the Size
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You might not be aware of it, but the width is actually the single most important part of choosing a skateboard deck. Though you eventually will want to consider the wheelbase and length, width needs to be your foremost consideration. For the most part, your options range from 7.5 to 8.25 inches. Determining and choosing the right size means weighing in several factors such as shoe size, height, style of skating, and personal preference. Be reminded that choosing one with too much of width will entail the need to put in excessive force or power to skate.
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Style Options Every deck style for skateboarding has its special function based on how you want to do skateboarding. In the most traditional sense, the one you choose has to match the style you want in skateboarding. 1 – Shortboard Style Built and specifically designed for getting air and better chances of successfully performing tricks, this type, as the name implies, is the shortest style board around. 2 – Cruiser Type The second type is called the cruiser board and this usually comes with kicktails. The name likewise suggests that it is more ideal for cruising around and not really for doing fancy tricks. The deck for this type is usually mid-length or long. If you want utmost maneuverability, this one’s your best bet. 3 – Old School Finally, your third common option is the old school board, which for the most part has a flat nose and equipped with kicktails, too. The distinctive attribute of a classic is that it has an asymmetrical shape, which makes it perfect for performances that include ramps and skating in pools and streets. Fortunately for skateboarders like you, the use of modern technology and innovation has allowed the building and design of very complex and sophisticated skateboards that can be customized for your specific needs and preferences.